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Parent FAQs

≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp has a variety of resources and opportunities for your student to grow and thrive here. You can find the answers to some of our most commonly asked parent questions about life at the Hurst below.

Helping your student prepare for college is no simple task. We understand that you may have questions and concerns about their health, safety, and happiness while at ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp ‚Äď that‚Äôs where we come in. ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp has a variety of resources and opportunities for your student to grow and thrive here. You can find the answers to some of our most commonly asked parent questions about life at the Hurst below. Please feel free to reach out to your admissions counselor with any additional questions; we are so excited to have you and your student join our Laker family!

    To officially save their spot at MU, your student will need to complete their Intent to Enroll form and submit a $250 enrollment deposit, all of which can be completed via their . The $250 deposit can be paid online via credit card, debit card, or checking account, or a paper check can be mailed to: ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp University Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 501 East 38th Street, Erie, PA 16546.

    To qualify for need-based financial aid from ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp, your student must include us on theirŐżFree Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by using school code 003297. We will then use the information from your FAFSA to determineŐżyour student's eligibility for state and institutional aid and create their financial aid package. You can learn more about ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp‚Äôs financial aid opportunities on our Cost and Aid webpage.Őż

    Students can receive financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships, federal and state grants, loans, and student employment. In recent years, 99 percent of freshmen qualified for financial assistance from ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp, with the average four-year scholarship totaling more than $70,000. ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp offers merit-based and need-based aid to qualifying students as well. Transfer students are also eligible for a number of awards or scholarships. You can learn more about ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp‚Äôs financial aid opportunities on our Cost and Aid webpage.

    Our online eBillŐżsystem provides your student 24/7 access to their account statements with itemizedŐżtuition, fees, and financial aid, as well as the ability to authorizeŐżaccess to parents or other partiesŐżto log into the eBill and make payments on their behalf. Your child will be sent login information for their ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp account, which includes eBill access on the ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp Hub. After students first log in and set up their account, they willŐżbe able to view their currentŐżbalance for the semester. For more information on the eBill, visit our Billing and Payment Options webpage.

    With more than 80 clubs and organizations andŐż500 students events hosted annually, there will be no shortage of involvement opportunities for your student! ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp offers a variety of academic, service, recreational, and cultural clubs, as well as many intramural and club athletic programs. Students can attend the CampusŐżInvolvement Fair, held the beginning of each semester, to explore all of the clubs and organizations that we have to offer. In addition, ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp is committed to welcomingŐżnew students into our many campus traditions such as Hurst Day, New Student Welcome Week, Mass of the Holy Spirit, and SpringFest.

    Your student‚Äôs academic counselor will create them a course schedule before they beginŐżtheir first semester. TheyŐżwill receive a copy of this scheduleŐżas part of New Student Orientation,Őżand will have the opportunity to meet with their advisorŐżto review or change their schedule before the start of classes. In future semesters, students meet with their faculty advisor to review their degree progress and plan upcoming courses.Őż

    Students are assigned both an academic counselor and an academic advisor from their area of study to assist them throughout their academic journey at ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp. They will have hands-on guidance in exploring majors and minors, as well as course planning and scheduling to ensure on-time graduation. Students and alumni also have fullŐżaccess to the Career and Professional Development Center to help them secure internships, network, receiveŐżresume help, and find job opportunities.

    Your studentŐżwill be able to choose housingŐżvia the Admissions Portal after they confirm their enrollment, with students being able toŐżchoose theirŐżhousing location, layout,Őżand roommates. Housing assignmentsŐżare typically sent via emailŐżin early July to students starting in the fall.

    Traditional freshmen have a choice between three residence halls ‚Äď Warde, Baldwin, and McAuley. Warde Hall, our newest freshmen residence hall, is co-ed with specific wings for males and females. Baldwin Hall is for females only andŐżMcAuley Hall is males only. For more detailed information about our freshman residence halls, including layouts, videos, and packing suggestions, visit our Freshman Housing webpage.Őż

    Upperclassman housing includes our newest suite-style residence hall Ryan Hall, Duval apartments, Briggs and Lewis apartments, Wayne Street apartments, and three sets of townhouses (Warde, Lewis, and 41st Street).ŐżFor more detailed information about ourŐżupperclassman housing, including layouts, visit our CampusŐżHousing webpage.

    Freshmen are not typically permitted to have a car on campus. Exceptions can be requested in cases of employment or medical issues that require transport. To request an exception, please email All students receive free access to Erie's public transportation system, the EMTA,Őżwith their ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp ID card. All upperclassmen are permitted to have cars on campus.

    Orientation programming promotesŐżdiscussion among new and current students and parents/guardians, as well as faculty, staff, and administrators on the expectations and perceptions of college life and the campus community. The most important part ofŐżOrientationŐżis a mandatory on-campus Laker Launch Day forŐżstudents and their families.ŐżLaker Launch Days give students the opportunity to receive their classŐżschedule, meet with academic support and representatives from their academic program,Őżand get to know fellow future Lakers, while families attend a variety of engaging workshops.ŐżThe dates for thisŐżyear'sŐżLaker Launch Days can be found on our Orientation webpage.

    First-year students have their own designated day to move in to allow for an easy and efficient first college move-in experience, taking placeŐżthe Saturday before classes begin, with New Student Welcome programming happening in the following days. To plan travel accordingly, your student will be notified of the specific dateŐżin advance, as well as the New Student Welcome schedule.

    New Student Welcome, which begins the evening of Move-In Day,Őżis the official start of Laker Life!ŐżThis extended welcome programming is a transition period designed to help studentsŐżsettle into life at MU, build connections with fellow incoming students, and develop a sense of belonging on campus before the start of classes. The full schedule for New Student Welcome will be distributed in early August.

    If your student requiresŐżan accommodation, we are more than happy to processŐżtheirŐżrequest, and provide them the necessary support required to beŐżsuccessful at ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp. Academic accommodations can be requested via our Learning Support ServicesŐżwebpage. Housing accommodations can be requested via our Office of Residence Life webbpage.

    The type of computer your student should get depends on several factors, including their personal preference and what theirŐżmajor recommends. Certain majors such as Graphic Design, Education, and Art recommend Mac computers, whereas the Intelligence Studies major recommends computers running Windows. Most majors do not have a computer preference. For fullŐżrecommendations on computer specifications, please visit our New Student Technology webpage.

    Our Department of Police and Safety is committed to providing a safe living and learning environment for ourŐżcampus community, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Services include:Őż

    • Residence hall and apartment lockouts
    • Blue Light system
    • Campus patrols
    • Clery reports
    • e2Campus (emergency text alerts)
    • Parking
    • Police escorts
    • Vehicle jump starts
    • Vehicle lockouts

    Yes! All students are welcome to use the ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp mailroom to send and receive packages and mail. A letter or care package is an excellentŐżway to share a piece of home with your student while they are away. Please address your package as follows, and your student will be notified by email when it arrives:Őż

    Student Name
    ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķapp University
    501 EastŐż38th Street
    Erie, PA 16546

    Our on-campus Cohen Student Health CenterŐżis staffed by doctors and registered nurses, who provideŐżservices such as primary care, blood pressure screening, diet counseling, flu vaccinations,Őżskin care counseling, and mental health counseling. The services of the Health Center are free of charge. If the Health Center is not open, there are several local urgent care clinics available to our students.

    Family Weekend is held in conjunction with HomecomingŐżto welcome parents, siblings, and close family to campus. It typically includes special events such as bingo, trivia, and a scavenger hunt, as well as athletic games and special merchandise for families. While there is only one Family Weekend annually, you are always welcome to visit your student at the Hurst and partake in other special events throughout the year!